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The ADAS system in question combines rear radar sensors with a windshield-mounted camera that aligns itself with the road markings. This alignment is made possible by detecting the contrast between the road surface and painted markings. Visual and/or auditory warnings are triggered if the driver deviates from their lane or if another vehicle in a neighboring lane approaches too closely.

The value of these sophisticated ADAS systems and their significant contribution to road safety is evident. However, their effectiveness heavily relies on precise calibration performed by specialists like us at Car Smart Sussex. We focus exclusively on ADAS calibration and programming, ensuring unmatched quality in our services.

Routine calibration is highly recommended, ideally at least every three years, or promptly after even minor collisions.

Situated in East Sussex, Car Smart Sussex stands as a leading specialist in ADAS calibration, serving customers across East Sussex and the broader south-east region. Equipped with the necessary tools and qualifications, our team guarantees impeccable calibration of the ADAS systems in your vehicle, offering you peace of mind and enhanced road safety.

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