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Adaptive (or intelligent) cruise control is an advanced feature that constantly monitors surrounding vehicles and potential road hazards. By automatically adjusting the acceleration and braking of your car or van, it enables you to maintain a steady speed within the applicable limits, promoting a safe, legal, and comfortable driving experience.

At Car Smart Sussex, our team of skilled specialists utilizes state-of-the-art ADAS calibration equipment to ensure the optimal functioning of your adaptive cruise control system. This system, typically a laser or radar unit mounted at the front of your vehicle, is meticulously calibrated to operate precisely as intended.

To ensure ongoing performance, we recommend scheduling routine calibration service at least every three years, or even after minor collisions or bumps.

Located in East Sussex, Car Smart Sussex is a trusted ADAS calibration specialist serving customers across East Sussex and the wider South East region. Our team possesses the necessary expertise and qualifications to ensure the perfect calibration of the ADAS systems in your vehicle, guaranteeing an enhanced driving experience.

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