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Car Smart Sussex are ADAS calibration and component programming specialists. Covering areas all around East Sussex.

ADAS Calibration

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Our team carry out highly specialised ADAS calibration and component programming work for other garages and vehicle owners themselves.

Specialist staff

Minimising inconvenience and shortening the off-the-road time for you, or the garage working on your car

Our repair centre in Heathfield offers the latest equipment and technology

Making sure your vehicle’s ADAS is calibrated to the standards that meet or exceed the manufacturer’s requirements.


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General Information


What is ADAS?

Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) have become a standard feature in the majority of contemporary automobiles.

ADAS encompasses an array of electronic components, including cameras and sensors, that provide drivers with a diverse range of assistance while operating a vehicle. These systems assist with various tasks such as parking, avoiding hazards, and maintaining a consistent speed. As of 2022, it has become mandatory for all newly manufactured cars to be equipped with at least eleven ADAS, thereby increasing the demand for calibration and programming services for these intricate systems.